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How to Earn Money from Facebook-10 Easiest Ways

How to make money online from facebook:

Facebook is the world's largest social network. The number of users is more than 2 billion which is more than the population of China (1.4 billion) and India (1.3 billion). If today we make Facebook a country, then it will be the world's largest. If you also want to know the best ways to earn money on Facebook, then read this article till end.
Everybody connected to the Internet today uses Facebook.Most of the people waste minutes or hours on facebook. So if we make the right use of Facebook, then we can earn a lot of money from Facebook.
The easiest ways to make money from Facebook
There are so many ways to earn money from Facebook, but in this post we will talk about 10 easy ways. After reading this post, all the doubts about how to earn money by creating facebook pages and how to earn money from Facebook groups will get cleared
1.   Facebook instant article
Facebook Instant Article is the easiest and direct way to earn money from Facebook.facebook instant article ypu can earn money by displaying direct ads like Google AdSense.
First you have to sign up for facebook instant article. To sign up for Facebook Instant Article you must have a Facebook page and a blog. If you have any page you can signup by connecting to it.
If you do not have a Facebook page, you can create a new page for free. Secondly, if you do not have a blog, then you can sign up for free blog on blogspot.
After signing up, you have to verify with your blog from facebook instant article. Read this post to learn about how to set up blogspot blog on facebook instant article.
After setting up the Facebook instant article, you will have to submit your details on the Facebook audience network. And by creating ad units, you will need to post on your blog.
Whenever you share the linked of your blog on instant blog, it will show ads on Facebook and you will earn money from clicking on ads.
When your payment crosses $ 100 on the facebook audience network, then Facebook will get your bank account or paypal.
2.   By uploading videos to Facebook or from live chat
Easiest way to earn money from facebook is to upload videos on facebook. In this method you will have to upload videos to Facebook and you can make money on Facebook like youtube.
The feature of monitizing Facebook videos is currently only enabled for countries like United States, Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.The feature will be enable in india in 2019.
With Facebook videos you can earn in 2 ways.firstly uploading videos on facebook and second on is doing live stream from facebook.
You must have 2000+ followers to earn money from live streams and the number of people who see your live stream should be 300+.If you have 2k + follower and you are doing more live stream then you will get a notification.Then only you can monitize.
The money you make from Facebook Videos will be available to PayPal and direct bank.
3.   By promoting a product or brand
You can earn money by promoting brand or product on Facebook.For you should have facebook page with 10k+ likes.
A lot of sites will be available on the Internet for product promotion. Just by signing up on those sites, you have to promote the given product.

List of sites promoting brand or product on facebook:

1.    Fambit
2.    Instabrand
3.    Hypetap
4.    Nichify
4.   Selling your product or Ebook
You can earn money by selling your product or selling ebook on facebook. There is a lot of option on Facebook to sell the product.
If you have a product then you can create the offer and then sell it.For promoting your product you can take help of your facebook page or facebook groups.
If you are a writer, then you can upload your ebook by uploading it to Amazon or any other site.After this promotes the ebook in the facebook and then you will get so many sell.
5.   By affiliate marketing
 In India there are many affiliate marketing sites, Like Amazon, flipkart, hostgator…etc. To get promoted you will get all kinds of products.
To earn money from affiliate marketing, join your network according to your interest.After joining you have to make affiliate link of that product.
After making the links, you should know about the product in detail, what are its pros and what are the cons. After that, you need to write a short post of 10 to 15 lines about that product.
Then post the affiliate link in the last post of the product with the high quality image of the product. And share it to the related groups of that product.
Mostly facebook don’t like the affiliate links. If you also have problems posting the link, then you can post the link by google URL shortner and post it.
If anybody will buy something from your link then you will get the commission.
6.   By link short
There are some link shortener sites on the internet that allow the opportunity to earn money by shortening the link. Just you have to promote those short links on Facebook.
First of all, anyone join the link shortener and complete your profile and payment details on that.
After that, search for sites that contain viral content, videos, latest movies, or content that get maximum clicks.
After that, make a list of those pages and goes to link shortener sites and shorten those pages URL.
After that share the short link in a big group on Facebook. Join groups on Facebook that have a large number of members.
Then whenever someone clicks on your link, first they will go to the ad page of link shortener sites and after second content page will be open.
The more clicks you get, the more money will be added to your account.
7.   Promotion of websites on your facebook page
If you have a big page on Facebook, you can make money by promoting websites or blogs.
Everyday millions of sites and blogs are created on the Internet in the world and a lot of advertisment money is spent for their promotions.
With a lot of likes, facebook page is the best place for promotion. Because it is easily found related to its subject related audience.
So if you have such a facebook page then you can offer website promotion in it’s about section or contact the new blogger related to your page for promotion.
Apart from this, you can also monetize your facebook page by posting your service on freelencer sites such as fiverr.
8.   By selling the facebook page
If you have any old facebook page that you do not want to do then you can earn money by selling it.
To sell facebook page first, you should contact your facebook groups or whatspp group or contact a website owner who can get some help from your page.
When talking about selling facebook pages in facebook groups do not discuss the name of the page as facebook can block you because of its policy selling page is illegal.
 If you are not able to sell direct page, you can create an offer about freelencer sites like fiverr.
Apart from that you can sell your page on fanpage or online forums.
9.   Earn money from facebook groups
Facebook groups are the best place to promote any product because the right way for this tar
geted product is to get the right audience.
If you have groups and you want to earn money from it then you have a great chance. First of all, keep the rules of your group strict, which will keep the interest of the people in the group.
In your group, you can give a paid offer to a website owner to share his post.Earn money by selling affiliate product.
If you do not want to run that group then you can earn money by selling it.
10.                     By CPA marketing
CPA means cost per action. When we sell a product in affiliate marketing, we get commission, When CPA marketing takes place, when the user does any action, and we get commission.
In CPA you have to take the user from your CPA link to targeted website. After that, you get commission after taking action in the specification according to the CPA offer.
Action is of different types, such as sign up, downloading an app, entering mobile number, entering pincode or zipcode, watching video etc.
First you have to join a CPA network. After that you have to create a link to CPA offers that you want to promote.
If Facebook does not directly accept CPA links, then you have to create a landing page for it.
After that, you can promote your landing page by linking it to facebook. You can use facebook page and groups to promote it.
CPA marketing is very easy and fast way to earn money.
List of best CPA network sites for facebook:
1.    Clickbank
2.    Maxbounty
3.    Clickbooth
4.    Globalwide media
5.    Above all offers
If you do smart work with passion then you can earn a lot of money from facebook.
How to earn money from facebook - Best ways to earn money from Facebook If you have any questions about the methods given in this post, then you can ask in the comment box below.
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