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How To do the Website Super Speed 100% (20 Tips + Step by Step)

How To do the Website Super Speed 100% (20 Tips + Step by Step)

How to do the Website Speed Fast and website page speed?

Today we thought how to improve the site speed, the 20 tips we told.
With the survey of Microsoft more than 2 second website the 3.8% users use to come and “ 47% website traffic except 2 second speed”
You may do the SEO and make, If your loading speed of the Website loading speed is more then all are waste.

Important Notes:increase website speed in English

(Below 1 second = Best)
(1-3 seconds = Better)
(3-7 seconds = Average)
(7+ seconds = Very poor)

Google Algorithm Guidance may be they told that.
If your website is slow then your ranking will be also down.
You should know the all the details of Google algorithm otherwise for your website you may get penalty at any time.

What Will Learn [Hide]

1 Website Speed Check Kaise Kare
2 Website Slow hone ke kya karan hai
3  #1. Choose Best Hosting
4  #2. Optimize Homepage Very Fast
5  #3. Choose light weight Theme
6  #4. Update old Word-Process and Plugin
7  #5. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)
8  #6. Enable Gzip compression
9  #7. Minify Website Code (Without plugin)
10  #8. Image optimizer Word-Process plugin
11  #9. Fix all Broken Links
12  #10. Optimize Word-Process database
13  #11. Use only useful plugins
14  #12. Add Lazy-Load Word-Process plugin
15  #13. Don’t  upload Direct Video.
16  #14. Reduce External HTTP Requests
17  #15. Leverage browser caching Word-Process  
18  #16. Delete or Control Post and Page Revisions
19  #17. Disable Hot linking word-Process .ht-access
20  #18. Disable Word-process  Ping-backs and Track-back
21  #19. Lots of Traffic Come
22  #20. Cloud-flare Free
23  Important for website speed

How to Check the Website Speed.In Internet there are many free tools are there you can check the speed of the website. like,

Pingdom speed test tool
PageSpeed Insights
gtmetrix website speed

I checked my website speed in Gtmetraix, You can see in this picture how is my website speed.
What is the reason for Website
Web Hosting
Website Configuration
Bad and more Plugin
Heavy Theme
External Script
Minify code
If your website speed is high, Then website bounce rate will be also very high and your site ranking 100% will come down.
Here is the best 20 Tips of website speed improvement has given how to do , all point apply in your website.
What is the Bounce Rate: How to work in Bounce Rate (Reduce 40%)
 20 Website Speed Improve Tips in English

 #1. Choose the Best Hosting

The reason to become the Website speed slow. Because Many users don’t know about the hosting.
There are 4 types of Hosting.
Shared hosting
Cloud hosting
VPS hosting
Dedicated server
Any one who make a new blogger with our blog they always choose shared hosting .
If your Website is Word-Process then the database will create automatically the reason is space will cover more.
If your Website is in shared hosting then your memory will be full very fast.
In Shared hosting they show that, If per day me 100 user use to come then the  hosting memory will be.

Professional blogger always choose “VPS, Cloud and Dedicated server”.
Big Rock

 My site is in Big Rock and in my Website till now the server related problem is not came.
If the Website Speed is fast then your Domain Authority will improve more and this is one positive point.

 #2. Optimize Homepage Very Fast

Website Homepage will be slow, and the internal page and post will be the fast.
If your Homepage is slow then the user will not visit your Website any more.
That’s why you should Optimize the Homepage must, There are some tips you have to follow.
In Home page Minimum post should add (3 to 6 post)
In Home page don’t show the Advertisement. (Like Google Add-Sense)
In Homepage don’t use plugin more (Like social media sharing)
Use Minimum Image.

  #3. Choose light weight Theme

To make the Website speed super fast the theme is play main roll.
In new blogger heavy theme are going to choose the reason the Website will become very slow.
To make the super fast Website you can select good Theme or Framework choose. You can get free theme more.
Studiopress Theme
Thriv Theme
In a paid Theme you will get more feature in which you will not get in free theme Like,

Your Website share code will be minify
Theme SEO will be friendly
Theme coding will be compress 

  #4. Update old Word-Process and Plugin

It is very important to keep your Website secure and fast.
In your dashboard if any one will plugin or WordPress do the update must , don’t ignore to do .
This will increase your Website performance and keep your Website secure.
Use WordPress cache clear plugin
In Website the traffic will come and the cache will load in your Website.
You can see the Website cache in your webpagetest.
You should clear the cache its very important.

In WordPress there are many free and paid plugin will be there, its keep your Website compress and do the cache clear like,

Wp Rocket (Premium)
Wp Super Cache (Free)
W3 total Cache (Free)
 These are the Best cache plugin and Wp Rocket is the best.
Wp Rocket is premium plugin and with the help of your Website will be super-fast.
Cache plugin will increase your Website speed and your Website code will be compress with (Html, CSS, JS).

 #5. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

What is the CDN (What is CDN?)
CDN is a Network which has the connection with the pure world.

For Example: We agree that your Website hosting has taken from India and American company.

If any Indian will open your Website, the request will go first to America its take few seconds to send the request and from there you will get the response within seconds, the reason your Website become slow.

To come out from this problem CDN is the only Network the made ,
If your Website is in CDN if any India traffic will open your Website then the request will not go to America because the Website Data store will be in the India CDN Network.
This is the your Website data (CSS, js, image) are served in different location.
The reason will be that your Website open very Fast.
There are many company which they provided free CDN like, 
CDN Cloud-flare.
Not only this there are some more CDN services . like,
Amazon Cloudfront

 #6. Enable Gzip compression

Your server and user server the file which transfer like, (CSS, Js, Fonts, Xml, Image) the size of this data will be more big. The reason is that your Website become very slow
All these file you can compress with the help of Gzip compress.
How to enable GZip compression?
You can add this code with htaccess file.
Enable GZIP on NGINX

After that add this code with nginx.conf configuration.
In WordPress it will be added by default but from front you have to delete it.
Gzip on; If your Website is in Wordprss then there are more theme by default will be there.

If you want to check that your Website is Gzip enable or Disable then use this Tool with the help you can chek . checkgzipcompression

 #7. Minify Website Code (Without plugin)

What is Minify code?
Minify website code it will come in ON-Page which is very important.
With Minify process all code will be compress in yours . like,
White space characters
New line characters
Block delimiters
If your website is in WordPress then you can, with the help of Autoptimize plugin you can minify the code.
If you want to learn how to do the minify manually in Website manually then you can comment in my comment box, then I will write an Article in details.

 #8. Image optimizer WordPress plugin

People use to add image in their Website from others.
The reason the Website become slow.
many image are from 5 to 10 MB , Which makes your Website slow.
If your Website is in WordPress then you can use plugin and compress the image.
Smush Image Compression
Tiny Compress image
Ewww Image Optimizer
These are the best plugin.

If you want do manually compress then these Tool are the best.
From these two you can compress image in online compress.
For my Website I use the website for image compress is tinypng Website.

 #9. Fix all Broken Links

this problem I have in my Website me when I started a new blog .
In your Website if there is any broken link then your Website will be slow.
To fill Broken link is very important.
If your Website is in WordPress then you can check Broken link from WordPress.

 #10. Optimize WordPress database 

If in your WordPress Website any one change the theme and plugin then their data will be load in your server.
If you delete your plugin also the data will be load in your server the reason in the bandwidth space become very low.
That’s why optimize your database, its delete the unwanted data.

wp-optimize one of the best free plugin to optimize the database .

 #11. Use only useful plugins

Actually New blogger for more function they install many Plugins install. the reason their Website become more slow.
That’s why don’t use so many plugin. 
We don’t use more than 10 plugin in our Website.
Which plugin in your Website will take more space P3 (plugin performance profile) With the help of plugin you can delete.

 #12. Add Lazy Load WordPress plugin

Many new blogger don’t know this one.
What is LazyLoad for video and image?
This one of the plugin which your all images load very late in your Website.
Means, if any reader comes in your Website at first in your Website the content will be load after that image will be load.
LazyLoad plugin for image: lazy load
LazyLoad plugin for videos: lazy-load-for-videos
I use to use this plugin but this feature include in my theme so that’s why I removed plugin.

 #13. Don’t upload Direct Video.

Direct video uploading in the website is a big mistake in blogging.
Your server takes more space, so you can use YouTube.
At first you upload the Video in your YouTube after that connect in your Website.

 #14. Reduce External HTTP Requests

If your Theme is heavy or otherwise using more plugin in that the http request will be add.
For example:
Google AdSense http
Analytics http
Fonts http
CSS http
Awesome icon http
JS http

That the reason your Website take time more to load. To save from all this you can add all this in your website. Like
Awesome icons load in css
Add the JS.
don’t use more plugin.
You can remove css plugin. Like this I did.
Load the Fonts in your server.
Some http request are like this which you can’t add in your server.

Google AdSense, 
Google Analytics.
Gtmetrix Tool is one of the best http request checker tool.  From this you can identify how many http request are there in your Website.

 #15. Leverage browser caching WordPress  

What is Leverage Browser caching?

This is cache trick, any one is opening the Website of yours in their browser the will be load.
The reason when they open in second time your website, your website will open fast.
In WordPress there are many plugin which your server Leverage cachewill be set.
But I will recommended you to do manually. Your Website is in any platform then do manually.
For this you have to open the file .htaccess and in that add this code and save it.
If your Website is in wordPress you first check that your code is add from begging in “.htaccess”.
If you want to check this, that your server is in Leverage Browser cache activate  or not then you can take help of this tool “Gtmatrix”

#16. Delete or Control Post and Page Revisions

When you write a post in WordPress then the post automatically save in draft, many times when people write the its save in draft.
The reason for one post many revisions will get, after publishing the post publish the revisions is not mandatory and its cover your space.
That’s why I will recommended to delete the revisions.
That’s the reason at first open the wp-confir.php file and bellow given code add it in that.
How to delete post and page revisions?
Default(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);
By this code yours post revisions will be disable permanently.

#17. Disable Hotlinking wordPress .htaccess

What is Hotlinking?

Many other blogger in there own blog they link the image and add it in there blog.
If they do like this your server bandwith will be waste. And it will slow their Website.
There is one best solution bellow given code add it with your htaccess.
Not Use much External Scripts

External Scripts means like code will connnect with other Website.
Like social media scripts. don’t use more social media scripts.
For your Website popup don’t use any plugin. When we open the Website then the popup will show then the Website in Google very low rank Website they think.
In your Website if there is any External Fonts then remove it, otherwise load all the fonts in your server.

  #18. Disable WordPress  Pingbacks and Trackback

When others will add your Website URL’s with their Website, you will get the notification, which you can publish the post in your site.
From this you will get that how many mention in this. The reason your Website will become very slow.
To disable this follow this steps.
How to disable trackback and pingbacks in wordPress ?
Answer: Open Dashboard >> Setting >> Discussion
After going in this path unchecked to pingbacks and trackback.

#19. Lots of Traffic Come

Some times in your Website many traffic will come, your Website will become very slow.
Your cPanel memory will full due to heavy Traffic and Website will not open.
This problem may comes in shared Hosting.
For this problem only one solution is there upgrade your Hosting.
You can choose cloud or VPS .
Note: In Shared Hosting if 100 traffic will come in one day the server will be down.

#20. Cloudflare Free

For Cloudflare I did in the last in industry,  because this is one of the best way to keep your website fast.

Cloudflare provides free services . this one not only speed your Website but do the Secure also.

I will tell you what are the features in cloudflare.

This one is Free for lifetime which provided by SLL , means from your link the https will add
your Website all code will be minify

Its provides FREE CDN.

Keep all your image in cloud

You can see yours Website traffic.

If your Website is in cloudflare means its very difficult to hack 

It is safe from unwanted and attack

Its provides Free security

Cloudflare lazy load provide free

Cloudflare is very big thing many people don’t know how to use it, for this reason I will write an article in details.

Important for website speed

How to do fast the Website Speed and how do you like this article?

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